This post is an unusually personal one, but one I’d like to share with you nonetheless.

5 years ago, on the 4th Feb 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. This week, I’ve been given the all clear after my initial treatment and a surveillance plan that began 5 years ago. As I was sat in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but ponder how the time has flown. I also couldn’t help reflecting on my five year younger self, and how having cancer has changed my life after giving me a perspective that, as ironic as this may sound, I will treasure for the rest of my life.

As I looked around the waiting room, overcome with emotions and memories from my journey, I was inspired by one particular gentleman to write a poem. The gentleman was sat in front of me and was wearing a really nice, expensive looking watch. But, his attention wasn’t anywhere near his watch. In fact, I could see this man’s attention wasn’t anywhere on planet earth. He looked how I felt when I was first diagnosed with cancer. I wondered if – and if so, how much – he would be reflecting on his life, and what may come, the same way I did, and still do. It made me reflect in an instant on the fact that it doesn’t matter how nice the watch is, as a watch ultimately just a fancy countdown timer of both the good, the bad, and the ultimate.

Now, the purpose of a watch in my life is nothing more than a symbol; a reminder of the fact that if you are lucky, like me, you have a tomorrow. My message? Use your tomorrow in the best way you know how. Be the change you want to see in others. Don’t let unhealthy attachments limit you to a world of craving for things to be other than they are. Accept yourself the way you are without the need of materials to validate your existence to others. Accept that you are all you will ever need. If you can’t accept accept yourself, summon the strength and make it a priority to dig deep within yourself and find out why. Be alive.

Watch the watch

Watch the watch, as time goes by, seconds tick away, they don’t multiply.

Watch the watch, opportunity missed, favouring ourselves, over the love to be kissed.

Watch the watch, ‘work’ isn’t fair, drained by the day, as you sleep in the chair.

Watch the watch, our time is ‘money’, yet when we are in need, the irony is funny.

Watch the watch, money our worth, toxic conditioning, from the day of our birth.

Watch the watch, now money we possess, materials we buy, why? Your guess.

Watch the watch, we spend our days, planning for tomorrow, in various ways.

Watch the watch, what if the day doesn’t come? How will you justify, what could have been done?

Watch the watch, each day goes by, along with each time, we laugh, shout and cry.

Watch the watch, and the lives we can touch, caring for all sentient, doesn’t cost that much.

Watch the watch, and please don’t forget, the mind left unchecked, becomes the mind of regret.

Watch the watch, it can be difficult to envision, how time would be spent, outside of life’s prison.

Watch the watch, soon, you must know, you watched so much, it’ll be your time to go.

Watch the watch, consider its need, before the first second, from your body you are freed.

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