This just has to be shared – here we have Lachy Doley on an instrument that I’ve never until this day heard or seen before; the Whammy Clavinet (also known as the Castlebar Clavinet)! Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, It turns out that Mr Doley is pretty famous already, having worked with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith, Joe Bonamassa and Steve Vai, along with having a string of albums to his name.

Expect to have your mind blown as your eyes and ears experience visual and sonic bliss in a way that you’d have likely never imagined. I must say, this is one hell of a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s famous ‘Voodoo Chile’.

If you enjoy what you see, please support this guy directly by subscribing to his YouTube channel and checking out his catalogue of CDs.

I take no credit for the content of this video.


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