Coronavirus has been nothing short of a huge learning experience for me, and not the way I first assumed. The biggest lessons I’m experiencing are all about myself, which, if I’m honest has been a challenging, but welcome reality.

Having the time to think and just be with my thoughts and my mind in this time has also offered me huge introspection into my musical life. Specifically, this introspection has shown me how little I use my skills as a musician when I’m tied up with teaching, and how much I miss the creative part of myself.

I’ve decided, even when things get back to ‘normal’, that I’m taking on less work in pursuit of true happiness. For me, that happiness is the freedom to express myself through music. Its going to be a long journey, but it is a journey I have now begun.

I’m feeling more connected with my music than ever before, especially after years of neglecting my self expression. As I’m getting myself back into the swing of things, that connection is enabling me to write music for my students to learn from and work with, too. That is the very essence of why I wanted to teach; to use my life experience and skills to enable others, possibly beyond my self.

Beneath is a video of a study I have written and recorded for one of my students who’s goal is to develop their Legato playing. It is completely original and created entirely by yours truly. It is an example of how much I want to be able to not just help myself, but use that passion to help others.

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