During lockdown, times have been especially hard for musicians, and indeed other professionals that support musicians during their rehearsals, studio time and live performances. It’s certainly not been made easier by the likes of Spotify’s millionaire CEO Daniel Ek, who has suggested that musicians (who are already paid next to nothing per stream of a song on most streaming platforms whilst the likes of Ek cream off a huge percentage of the profits) should work harder and put out more music to keep an income coming in. That, however, is another story. Despite the adversity times like these bring, what is amazing and extremely inspirational to see, however, it the true human spirit that a number of the musician’s I follow and enjoy have exhibited by supporting and collaborating with each other.

The fantastic guitarist and musician Ciro Manna spent some of his during lockdown composing an absolutely amazing backing track, then took things one step further by inviting some incredible guitarists along to put their musical stamp on it. One of those guitarists happened to be the beastly Marco Sfogli (his solo begins on the video at 2:20).

Given that I’m an absolutely massive fan of Sfogli’s due to his amazing technical command of the guitar, his boundless musical ideas and sensitivity, along with an energy within every performance that is just captivating, I wanted to take the time to transcribe his take on Manna’s backing track. The learning that I experienced from this transcription is off the chart, and I want to offer you that same opportunity to enjoy learning and absorbing Sfogli’s solo (or just a few licks, if that’s where your feelings take you). There are still a couple of licks I’m working on from this transcription (the G section is monstrously challenging for me!), but when I’ve mastered them I’ll post a cover of the solo for you!

So, enjoy watching some amazing guitar playing, then if you fancy, give Sfogli’s solo a go!

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