Amidst the current chaos, I’d like to present a more optimistic view of the social climate that now challenges each one of us. With the news surrounding Covid-19 seeming like a constant deluge of negativity, it is easy for feelings of isolation, anxiety, frustration and depression to manifest themselves within us. The greatest cost of Coronavirus, if we are not careful and considerate of our own physical and psychological needs, could be our physical and mental health. I believe, in times like this, it is so incredibly important to keep a firm grip and vision on our purpose as people, and to spend our time wisely by focussing not only on our essential work, but the things we want to do. It is very important for us to enrich ourselves and our lives as much as the restrictions likely to be imposed on us makes possible. It is important to focus on the positives in a situation like this, and, perhaps more importantly, the opportunities. One huge opportunity given the vast amount of spare time we are likely to find ourselves with is to get involved in something that you have always wanted to do.

How many of us have a guitar that is just sat in a corner or hung on a wall, gathering dust? How many times do we walk past that guitar and have a thought, or maybe even say out loud something akin to ‘I wish I had the time to learn/play my guitar’? This societal challenge being gradually brought on by coronavirus could paradoxically provide the vehicle needed for us to focus some attention on the thing that, previously, you wished you had time for.

Now we have what may well turn into a national lockdown, it is going to become increasingly important for us to stay somehow connected not just to our purpose and meaningful living, but also other people. The reason for this is to retain our mental health, stability, sense of community, sense of meaning and sense of purpose in our lives as much as possible. Guitar lessons could be a great way not only to spend time instead of merely passing the time, but will also enable you to have fun, to gain a valuable and enjoyable skill, and to connect with other, like minded people.

Skype is a great way to learn, and there are many guitar teachers out there, a lot of which are tech savvy and able to offer online ‘remote’ guitar lessons with apps like Skype. As a guitar teacher I have dedicated a lot of my time to teaching via Skype over the years, both individually and in regard to various projects. For me as a professional, this has resulted in a rich experience of using Skype to great effect to help people engage in guitar lessons for a quality learning experience, irrespective of distance.

If you have any questions about learning guitar by Skype, or would like to reach out to me to help you on your guitar journey, please contact me. To see some examples of things you could achieve as a result of your guitar learning with me, feel free to check out some examples of my music and guitar playing.


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