Do you offer acoustic guitar lessons?

Yes! I offer steel string acoustic guitar lessons, as well as electric guitar lessons.

Do you offer classical guitar lessons?

No. Not only do I not play classical guitar, but classical guitar lessons often have a very different educational approach when compared to pop and rock guitar lessons. I prefer to leave classical guitar lessons to the teachers that can do it best! If you’d like classical guitar lessons, please get in touch, I may be able to recommend another teacher.

Do you teach Ukulele?

Yes! I teach ukulele as a stand alone instrument. I also teach the ukulele as a gateway instrument to acoustic, or even electric guitar.

What is a ‘Gateway Instrument’?

A gateway instrument is the very first instrument a learner experiences.

Why not just start off learning on the guitar?

The guitar can at first be hard to learn for individuals with weak hands and/or a small physique. For example, I often get asked by parents of very young children to teach them guitar. The ukulele is a fantastic starting point for young learners because of its small size and soft strings. They are also relatively inexpensive, too.

Isn’t the ukulele a different instrument to guitar?

Not really, at least in terms of playing technique. If an individual can play ukulele, they inherently possess the skills to play guitar.

There are so many different guitars to choose from, I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely! Reach out to me through my contact page, and I’ll happily help you out!

I can’t afford to buy an instrument, what can I do?

Firstly, don’t worry. There are a few options out there that can help you. Firstly, there is AIPS ( which can help you purchase an instrument through your child’s local authority or academy school. Then there is Music For All ( that can offer means-tested grants to help cover the cost of your child’s instrument.

What styles of music do you teach?

My passion is rock and pop music, that is what makes me ‘tick’ as both an individual and musician. I don’t teach Jazz or Classical guitar. If you are looking for Jazz and Classical lessons, please get in touch and I’ll help you source the appropriate teacher.

Do you teach the Graded Music Exams (GMEs)?

Yes! I offer tuition, mentoring and coaching towards GMEs. I also teach from my own curriculum, so if grades aren’t your thing and you want to play just for fun, then we can do that!

What makes you different to other teachers?

Steve Jobs famously said that individuals should ‘mine their experience’ and ‘think differently’. I have been teaching guitar for a very long time, and have been playing guitar even longer. My experiences in life and music are vast, and you’ll get the best of that every session.

Can we meet before the first lesson?

Absolutely! I offer a complementary 15 minute consultation for anyone interested in lesson with me. book your appointment here.

Can you travel to me?

Certainly! I teach from my bespoke teaching studio at my home in Brighouse. However, I can make the trip to you if you are local to me. I may need to request a surcharge if you live further afield.

What do you charge for a lesson?

For simplicity, I simply charge just £15 per half hour. This includes any resources, where appropriate.

What is the best lesson length?

My most popular lesson length by far is 30 minutes. In this amount of time, we can cover a lot of ground in as much detail.

What ages to you teach?

As soon as a child expresses an interest in learning an instrument, this is usually the time to get them involved with music, somehow. When it comes to learning guitar, the youngest I teach is 5, and this student is learning the ukulele first due to the instrument’s small size. When it comes to the maximum age, well…I don’t believe there is one. You are never too old to experience the joy of music making!!

How long should a lesson be for a young child?

For you’re learners up to the age of 11, I’d usually recommend 20 minute lessons to begin with.

Should I have lessons every week, bi-weekly or once a month?

Children up to young adults, I would say that weekly lessons are essential to keep the energy and momentum going in their progress. For adults, dependent on their professional schedules I usually recommend a 40 minute to 1 hour lesson every two weeks to allow for ample practise time between sessions.